Your Brand's True Potential Is Hidden.

Our evidence-based methodologies can help you find it and reach your marketing objectives faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

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We turn data into growth.

We help you to know what's working and what isn't so that you can spend your marketing budget where it will have the biggest impact.

A scientific approach to brand management.

Brands are complex and growing them is hard, we use science-based methodologies to track brands, consumer perceptions, & competitor movements. This allows us to create robust recommendations for how best to grow your brand.

A cost-effective way of managing brands.

Supergrowth is at least 3x cheaper than most competing brand trackers, and we offer much more hands-on client service than many low-cost services. How? We know how to use technology!

Marketing & customer experience recommendations

Using our research and expertise, we provide easy-to-implement marketing recommendations to help increase brand awareness, consideration, and preference and optimise sales.

We'd love to show you how we can help.

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Why track your brand?

Because there is overwhelming evidence that tracking leads to better marketing results

When you start to manage a brand with good tracking data it’s like discovering an altimeter after 10 years of flying a plane with a blindfold on. Always pump 5% to 10% of your annual marketing budget into an annual brand tracker. Yes, that cuts into your execution spend, but a chicken with a head on it runs faster - and in the right direction.
Professor Mark Ritson
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Brand tracking for
challenger brands

We are the product of two successful brand-tracking agencies that saw a need for scaleups and challenger brands to access a better and more-affordable brand health tracking solution.

Affordable for challengers

We cut the fat from regular brand health trackers in order to provide an affordable and focussed brand tracking solution. We still measure everything from awareness through to positioning and salience but cut out the enterprise-level reporting that your CMO doesn't have time to read, anyway.

Category & Competitor Comparison

We provide category and competitor benchmarking & comparison to help our clients quantify what "success" looks like for their marketing strategy.

Actionable Recommendations

We put ourselves in your shoes to ensure that the insights and reports we provide you are easily understood and immediately actionable.

Who is Supergrowth for?

Supergrowth provides focus to brands who want to grow. By only measuring the things that are proven to contribute to the growth of a brand, we offer a simplified brand tracking solution that gives our clients the data they need to make better decisions and grow stronger brands.

Brands with smaller budgets

We help brands outsmart competitors who are outspending them.


We help scaleups cross the chasm by using marketing science to optimise growth strategies.

Brands investing in growth

We help brands that are increasing their investment in their growth.

Our team

Tom Uhlhorn

Co-Founder & CX Strategist

Founder of a successful CX strategy agency and award-winning marketing & media strategist.

Will Anderson

Co-Founder & Brand Strategist

Founder of a successful brand strategy agency, with 18 years' experience using data to inform strategy.

We provide crucial metrics for your brand

We provide the solution that enables your brand to measure its growth and identify opportunities to capitalise on, such as brand salience and positioning opportunities.


Supergrowth is one of the most-affordable brand tracker solutions available. Because we're so affordable, we also think it's important to emphasise that Will and Tom will always provide recommendations on top of the data.

Brand Tracking

Measure & grow your brand

  • Awareness tracking
  • Consideration tracking
  • Consideration drivers
  • Preference tracking
  • Salience tracking
  • Positioning tracking
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CX Tracking

Optimise your CX

  • CVI tracking
  • CES tracking
  • NPS tracking
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Churn Prediction
  • Custom dashboarding
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Feedback Loops

Operationalise customer feedback

  • Operationalised feedback
  • CRM integration
  • POS integration
  • Customer panels
  • Trigger actions as a result of feedback (e.g. referrals from positive NPS scores)
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*starting price. All prices are in GBP. Prices do not include sample costs.


Who do you work with?

We work with brands that are currently investing in growth or about to invest in growth.

Who don't you work with?

If your brand isn't investing in growth or holds a market leadership position, then we are not the right solution for you.

Do you have case studies?

We are a new company and are in the process of collecting testimonials and case studies from our clients.

Have a conversation about your brand.

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