Weaponise your NPS

The purpose of your NPS isn't to generate a score, it's to grow your business. Weaponise your NPS (or CSAT, CVI, or CES) to turn promoters into proactive referral partners and save unhappy customers.


"Only 10% of promoters actually refer profitable customers"

• Harvard Business Review •

Turn Promoters into Referrers

Turn your customer's positive experience into your commercial gain with automated referrals that are powered by your feedback loops.

Save Detractors

Turn detractors into customers with automated triaging to turn a negative experience into a sale.

Measure Customer Value

NPS isn't always the right metric for measuring value. With Supergrowth, you're always using the most appropriate measure.

Journey Metrics

Track customer sentiment across the customer journey to understand where changes need to be made.

The Customer Value Indicator

The CVI is borne from a methodology created by Silicon Valley growth marketer Sean Ellis, the famous inventor of the term "growth hacking", who was looking for an indicator of product-market fit for startups and investment opportunities. The Supergrowth team have studied his indicator and realised that it's actually a measure of something bigger, "the value of a branded customer experience".

Find out more about CVI in this short video from Tom Uhlhorn, a co-founder of Supergrowth:

NPS as a growth engine

Yeah, you'll get an NPS score (or CSAT, CES, or CVI), but you'll also get an in-built growth engine that leverages your promoters and converts your detractors into advocates.

Growth hack your promoters
Convert your detractors
Work at Home

Unparalleled response rates

Our unique collection mechanism focuses on relevance and context to skyrocket your response rates. This leads to more customers to leverage growth from and more accurate data and insights to inform your growth strategies.

A more effective growth engine
More accurate data & insights

Online & offline assets

Supergrowth is built for both online and offline assets, meaning you can use it to grow your eCommerce, your retail, and your field sales and support outcomes.

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