A better way of measuring CX

The NPS wasn't invented for measuring your entire customer experience, so why are you using it that way? The Customer Value Indicator was invented in Silicon Valley to help startups craft a customer experience that helped them gain traction and disrupt market leaders.

Perfected in Australia, the CVI is being adopted by brands who want more from their customer intelligence programs.

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What is the CVI?

The CVI measures how irreplaceable (or replaceable!) your brand is in-comparison to your competitors and your industry. Unlike the NPS, the CVI is invented to be asked via pulse surveys, meaning that you don't have to invest in CX technology in order to get an accurate reading. The CVI is useful for measuring Customer Experience, value proposition, and potential for disruption.

How it works

The CVI uses the same questions the the "The Product Market Fit Leading Indicator", created in Silicon Valley, uses to optimise startups such as Slack and Superhuman. By posing a simple question and follow-up discovery questions, the CVI enables brands to segment their customers into three categories for future optimisation efforts:


What makes your loyal customers loyal? Understanding this segment enables you to better understand what makes your brand, products, services, and CX strong.


Where are your greatest opportunities for improvement? Understanding this segment is like identifying a vein in a goldmine: you can focus your efforts on mining insights from them to generate the biggest rewards.

High Efforts

Is your targeting right? Are you serving a difficult market? Understanding why you have a high/low proportion of High Efforts will help you understand how you can optimise your targeting and how you can appease even the most difficult of customers.

How to run a CVI

Unlike most other customer metrics, CVIs are designed to be understood via pulse surveys. Depending on the cadence of your business, you may run a pulse every month, quarter, half, or event year. Contact us to find out how frequent your business should run a CVI pulse.

Past use cases of CVI

CX measurement

The CVI is most-commonly used to measure the branded customer experience for both mature and scaling brands.

Replacing the NPS

NPS can provide useful feedback, but it isn't always the best measure of a brand's CX. We have helped clients successfully phase out NPS and replace it with a CVI program.

Focus for new products

Running a CVI in-parallel with a Brand Health Tracker helped a client focus their product roadmap on key value requirements.

Marketing optimisation

A startup client used the CVI to identify how they can optimise their positioning strategy and value proposition as they "cross the chasm" into maturity.

Find out more today

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