Use SuperGrowth to gain insight into how to be a more-valuable remote company

To the owner of the business that is looking for a new model in these hard times

Supergrowth was created to give businesses an easy way to understand their customers, and in doing so, gain insight into how they provide more valuable products, services, experiences, and brands.

The Corona Pivot Offer

In these delicate times, we are seeing so many businesses suffer, and as business owners, we feel that suffering ourselves. That's why we are offering startups and SMEs the inclusion of our services as brand strategists and product specialists as complementary with our startup/SME package. For $900+GST (qualification rules apply), we will not only conduct a CVI wave for you, but help you interpret the results to identify how you can best pivot your business model to work in remote times. Additionally, we will make ourselves available at no additional charge as you implement the findings to ensure that you are interpreting the voice of your customer correctly, and in some instances, can offer additional waves at a no cost to measure your success.

If you are a startup or SME earning less than $2,000,000 per annum, then you qualify for this offer.

To take up this offer, please email [email protected] and either Will or Tom will be in touch.

Stay eager,

Will and Tom